陽明交大黑客松創意競賽-參賽得獎心得 My experience on NYCU Glocal Digital Service & Innovation Competition

陽明交大黑客松創意競賽-參賽得獎心得 My experience on NYCU Glocal Digital Service & Innovation Competition

寫在最前面:因為比賽語言為英文,前半段為英文版的心得,後半段為中文版的心得 😉

My team, Big Brain, has participated in NYCU Glocal Digital Service & Innovation Competition and won the 3rd prize. The process was unforgettable, this is why I was motivated to write down my experience.

First thing first, please scan the QR code to find out our works! 😎 


The competition, NYCU Glocal Digital Service & Innovation Competition, was held by NYCU and sponsored by LINE (the most commonly used app in Taiwan), DeepQ, and Spring Foundation. The introduction of the competition was:

The NYCU Glocal Design & Innovation Competition is a 3-day event aimed to inspire innovations in a post-pandemic world, with a focus on creating innovative digital and touchless services for promoting our health and well-being. Participants will be provided with tutorials, technical support, and mentors during the event. The competition is aimed to create an opportunity for participants to generate innovative ideas and solutions to health-related tasks. During the 40-hr hackathon, teams must incorporate Line Developer Tools offered by LINE Corporation to build their work. Mentors from LINE will provide on-site technical support. Each team will demonstrate and present their work in the closing ceremony.


My Experience 


To summarize what I have undergone and learned  as below:

◼ It was exhausting but worth it. 😆 During the 3-day event, I have learned a lot from the speakers, mentors, and definitely my teammates. It was a precious chance to hone my body and mind and help me become stronger.

◼ We utilized what we were good at and overcame technical challenges. 😎 All of us are from NYCU Global MBA and most of us didn’t know how to do programming. But we knew we were experts in creativity, business concept, and storytelling. We came up with a unique and useful idea, did sufficient market research, and built a structured business model. I believe these are the reasons for us to win the prize even we didn’t have perfect coding skills.

◼ The mentors were supportive and patient. 👍️ Most of us didn’t know program languages, but we were fortunate to have mentors from LINE and DeepQ to support us. The mentor from DeepQ gave us useful suggestions for the idea and pinpointed what we could do further. As technology experts, the mentors from LINE taught us how to use LINE Developer to create the chatbot. We appreciated that the mentors helped us tremendously.

◼ The Miro platform was useful for brainstorming. Thanks to the Miro platform which was offered by the organizers, we could discuss our idea logically. Following is the screenshot of our team’s Miro, as you can see we used different colors of stickers and created a flow chart. After brainstorming, my teammates built our chatbot accordingly. It was easy to use and helpful.

◼ The OIA NYCU gave us the flexibility to demonstrate our works. ✌️ Before participating in the competition, I was a little worried that we didn’t have the ability to do coding. But as the QA said, there was no limitation in format and they surely didn’t examine the completed application software 😂 The rule gave us the flexibility to present the works and didn’t be limited by our existing skills.

◼ The OIA NYCU team is the hero of the event 😍 Due to the COVID-19, I have joined online courses and seminars many times and understood the limitation and difficulties of holding an online event. The OIA NYCU team was fully prepared, managed the event smoothly, and did their best to let everyone involved. I was proud of the team and let me give OIA NUCY five-star praise.


◼ My teammates rocked!!! 😍😍😍 I was very lucky to have my teammates joining the competition. Each of them has different strengths and contributed a lot to the team. We trusted each other and worked together in an efficient way. I remember that on the second evening, we even hadn’t started developing our chatbot on LINE Developer. We didn’t sleep, no complaint, we just kept doing what we can do for the project. Finally, we won the prize and were super excited about it. My teammates rocked!!!


I grew through this experience 🎉🎊🎁 Last but not least, to be honest, I decided to participate in the event because I hoped I could learn something. I never thought we can compete with students who have a background related to data science, programming, etc. But during the stressful process, I still did a good job. I know I have grown through this experience, not only on the knowledge side but also mentally. I feel more confident about my skills and am motivated to learn more.


My suggestions for participating in the competition

I am not sure whether OIA NYCU will hold similar competitions in the future or not. The competition has some features which include Hackathon, LINE, Chatbot, Health issue, Innovation, and Big ideas, just to name a few. These suggestions might be helpful for people who will join this kind of competition.

◼ You need a good-performing computer/laptop, an earphone, and stable Internet. I know it sounds like nonsense, but it is necessary especially when you are listening to a speech or sharing your ideas. I found some participants didn’t have stable Internet, it was a shame because others couldn’t understand him/her very well.

◼ Arrange a schedule for yourself. Hackathon will be a stressful and challenging process, it’s better to arrange your rest time, meals, drinks, etc. in advance. In this case, you will not waste time doing these chorses and can pay attention to the competition. It also will help you stay focused and perform much better.

◼ Be confident! As I mentioned, most of us didn’t know how to do programming, but we knew we were talented in some fields. Find and make good use of what you are skilled in. Because of the flexibility of how to demonstrate your works, all kinds of presentations will be accepted.

◼ Never give up! As I said, during the process, it is easy to feel troubled, but never give up! No matter you will win a prize or not, you will learn something (or a lot of things) for sure. Challenging your limits is tough but is also a great chance to let yourself grow.


These are my experience and comments about the competition. Writing down all of them lets me record the memorable process and might be helpful for others. 😊😊😊


 參賽及得獎心得 (中文版)

我和我的神隊友們組了名字Big Brain的團隊、一起參加了黑客松創意競賽而且還贏得第三名,這麼大的事情一定要記錄下來!XD 首先最重要是請大家掃描以下的QR code來看看我們的成果:LINE聊天機器人、簡報影片



本處為提高本地生與境外生國際交流機會,並增進學生與企業的友善連結互動,邀請LINE Corporation及HTC Deep Q共襄盛舉,舉辦首屆NYCU Glocal Digital Service & Innovation Competition,活動主題與數位轉型、健康醫療相關,透過Line所提供的聊天機器人Chatbot,結合Open Data,進行創意發想。優勝者有機會獲得獎金及企業實習機會


◼ 比賽真的超級累的,但非常值得! 😉 在這三天的活動中,我們學到了很多,包括從演講者和導師分享的知識,當然還有我的隊友。這是一個很難得的機會可以磨練心志讓我更加堅強XD

◼ 我們發揮所長以克服技術上的挑戰 😎 我們都不知道怎麼寫程式語言。但是我們知道我們擅長創意發想、商業概念,我們也是很會說故事的人。所以我們提出了獨特且有用的點子,做了很多市場研究並建立了商業模式。我覺得這是我們在不會寫程式的情況下還可以獲獎的原因。

◼ 導師很耐心的提供支援 👍️ 雖然我們不會程式語言,但是還好有來自LINE和DeepQ的導師指導我們。DeepQ的導師針對我們的創意點子提供建議,告訴我們下一步可以怎麼做,而LINE的導師是程式設計的專才,一步一步教我們怎麼使用LINE Developer平台建立聊天機器人,他們對我們的幫助非常大!

◼ 在思考創意時,Miro平台很實用!很謝謝主辦單位提供了 Miro 這個平台,讓我們討論創意點子可以更有邏輯性。下方是我們隊的Miro截圖,可以看到我們用不同顏色的便利貼去建立一個流程圖,在討論過後,我的隊友就依照這個流程圖來設計聊天機器人。Miro很容易操作而且對我們的幫助很大。


◼ 陽明交大國際事務處給我們很大的彈性去展示作品 ✌️ 在參賽以前其實有點擔心我們都不會程式怎麼做聊天機器人呀?但看到活動辦法中有提到我們可以用各種方式來呈現作品,而比賽時他們也的確沒有檢查我們的程式碼XD 很謝謝國際處的這個作法,讓我們不用拘限在程式語言能力也能參賽並發揮專長。

◼ 國際處,你們是英雄呀!😍 因為疫情的關係,我參與了大大小小的線上課程、研討會、工作坊…等,也了解到舉辦線上活動的限制和困難度。國際處準備得很完善、讓整個活動很順暢,而且他們盡可能讓每個人都能參與其中。身為陽明交大的一員感到很榮幸,請讓我給您們五星評價

◼ 我的隊友是神!!!哈哈哈 XD
我很幸運能跟我的隊友一起參加這個比賽。他們每一個人都各有長處而且對隊伍有很大的貢獻。如同前面說的,整個過程真的是累爆了,但我們信任彼此並有效率的進行著。我記得在第二天晚上,我們的聊天機器人進度是0 (ZERO!) 我們幾乎整晚都沒睡,沒時間抱怨,就是想辦法把自己負責的工作做好。最後得知獲得第三名真的哭出來了,謝謝我的神隊友!


◼ 這次經驗帶給我成長 🎉🎊🎁 最後這點對我來說是最重要的。其實一開始決定參加比賽,只是抱著「多學些東西」的心態,覺得我們不太可能贏過那些有數據科學(Data Science)背景或會寫程式的人。但在整個高壓(XD)的過程中,我發現自己還是可以做得很好!因此我知道除了得名,除了學到的知識,我還在心智上有所成長。我變得更有自信也更有動力去學新的事物。




◼ 你需要好的電腦(或筆電)、耳機和穩定的網路 我知道這聽起來有點像廢話XD 但準備這些硬體設備真的很重要,特別是你要聽線上演講或是分享你的想法。我發現有些參加者的網路不好,這真的很可惜,因為其他人沒辦法聽懂他/她在說什麼。

◼ 安排好你的行程 駭客松是一個很有壓力又具挑戰性的過程。最好事前把你的生活所需安排好,例如:休息時間、餐點、飲料…等。這樣的話你就不用處理這些瑣事而能更專心在比賽上,也能讓你更加集中注意力而有更好的表現。

◼ 要有自信! 就像我前面說的,我的隊伍成員中幾乎不曉得如何寫程式,但我們在某些方面還是很厲害的!所以你需要找出你的優勢並且善用它。因為比賽的彈性是很大的,你可以用自己的方式去呈現作品。

◼ 不要放棄!整個過程真的是蠻累的,身心俱疲XD  但千萬不要放棄!不論是否會得獎,你都一定會從這個經驗中學到很多,挑戰自我是很困難的,但會讓你有所成長!






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